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"Your love was all a lie"
-"After love", FT Island

Saku.17. Half Black,Half whatever people wanna hear at the moment. Part obsessive fangirl, part elitist in training.A girl full of contradictions.

+What she's like+
Always bored.Somewhat cheerful.Mature, yet tries to pass off as childish.More expressive and talkative in real life than online.Offends people easily and accidentally.Overly Idealistic.Motherly.Kinda Intelligent.Likes to Debate.Wants a lot of things, but never receives it all.Has trouble paying attention to the subject at hand.

Her Fandoms.Being Happy XP. Her real family Friends.Eating. Intrawebs. Intraweb Drama lama lama Asian Dramas and movies.Lots of Asian music. SUPER JUNIOR.LEE TEUK.YAMAPI.NEWS.K-OTIC.RUKI. ETC.Ruining people's day when she's in a bad mood.Good Grades.Being smart.Her optimism.

Unnecessary conflict.Real life drama.Drugs.People when they're drunk (EXCEPT ORRI HE'S FUN).Not understanding.Feeling as though other peoples problems are your own.Problems you would die to fix yet you can't do anything.Bad grades.Feeling inferior.Certain musical artists.Intentions being misunderstood.Standards not being lived up to.Lies.Low self esteem.A whole lot more.

+I believe+
Pro-choice.Yay for gay marriage.Agnostic.No matter how many monsters there are, there is still good living on in some people.Laws are here for a reason.Humanity isn't worth giving up on.Everyone was born for a reason.

WORMS.Being alone.Heights.Change.Growing up.Failure.

To be Happy.Live a relatively peaceful existence.Speak German Korean,Japanese, and Mandarin.Become the best "me" I can be for myself and others.To not be a failure.Become the type of person who can protect the people around me from the outside world :/

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